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Macap M2D

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Macap M2D
Equip your coffee setup with an effective espresso grinder, no matter how little space you have, with the Macap M2D Grinder. Outfitted with 50mm flat burrs, a stepless grind collar, and a programmable dosing mechanism, it’s a great fit for space-limited setups like mobile coffee carts and home counters. This grinder’s 50mm steel flat burrs are capable of delivering 1g of commercial-grade espresso grounds per second that are uniform and effective. And with the programmable dosing mechanism, you can ensure you get the perfect amount of grounds each time you prepare to pull a shot. The stepless grind collar gives you full control over your grind size, rather than limiting you to a handful of predetermined settings. This allows you to find that perfect grind and pull better, more flavourful shots.


Grinding Output 1g/s
Hopper Capacity 250g
Motor 150W
RPM 1680
Burrs 50mm
Weight 4.8kg
Dimensions 152 x 250 x H382 mm
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