ECM Manufacture is a specialist espresso machine manufacturing company. They have many years of experience with outstanding competence in the construction of coffee machines. The company has at its disposal a core of highly qualified and experienced staff. The innovative ECM Manufacture espresso machines are produced in their Milan factory and marketed selectively worldwide. Their range includes single boiler, heat exchanger (HX) and dual boiler models. Each ECM model is designed to be a leader in its category
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  1. ECM Puristika

    $2,095.00 $2,150.00
  2. ECM Classica PID

    $2,249.00 $2,450.00
  3. ECM Synchronika V3

    $5,090.00 $5,450.00
  4. ECM Technika PID Rotary

    $4,049.00 $4,400.00
  5. ECM Mechanika Slim VI

    $3,230.00 $3,490.00
  6. ECM Casa V

    $1,379.00 $1,450.00
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