Brewista GEM series dripper

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The only dripper with a unique close thermo system designed by Stefanos Domatiotis, World Brewers Cup 2014 Champion. Creates a stable water flow and traps steam and aroma, creating an aromatic and consistent brew.


The fundamental feature of the Gem Series design is a lid that is placed atop the brewer with a hole that naturally restricts the hot water pouring radius, resulting in a more consistent bloom phase and more even contact time through the brew cycle, while minimizing the common human error of imprecise pouring. Additionally, a system of vertical and horizontal ribs on the brewer’s inner walls are designed to prevent solids from clumping at the bottom of the brew bed, while allowing water to flow consistently by separating the included paper filter from the inner walls.

“The 12 horizontal ribs are placed in the middle of the dripper to slow the water flow so it can contact the coffee for longer and carry away all its characteristics in a smooth way, At the bottom part, you can find the vertical ribs. The deeper vertical ribs go down to the hole as now we need the water with the coffee to exit faster, preventing over-extraction that will end up in bitter flavors. The ideal result, is a sweeter brew with bright acidity.”


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