Caffetto Espresso Cleaner 500gr

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Cafetto Espresso Clean back flush powder is the premium espresso machine cleaner for commercial and semi-commercial espresso machines. It removes coffee oils, grounds and stains and improves flavor and aroma of espresso while leaving no trace of odor.

Made in Australia and has been tested by NSF and certified to protocol P152. This guarantees that Cafetto® Espresso Clean® will not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine.

CAFETTO ESPRESSO CLEAN The premium espresso machine cleaner for professional espresso machines. Coffee oil and coffee granule build up is the number one cause of poor coffee. Regular use of Cafetto dissolves oil and residue build up in your group head. Procedure to back-flush  group head:

  • Remove coffee filter from group handle, and replace with “blind” filter.
  • Add 1 level scoop of Espresso Clean® into the group handle and insert as if brewing espresso. 
  • Start cycle and allow run for 10 seconds to dissolve cleaner. 
  • Stop cycle and allow to sit for 10 seconds. 
  • Start and stop cycle 4 more times – run for 10 seconds, stop for 10 seconds. 
  • Remove the group handle and rinse well the blind filler under stream of water from delivery group. Turn off. 
  • Re-insert handle with blind filter, start & stop cycle 10 times – run for 5 seconds, stop for 2 seconds to ensure thorough rinsing. Remove blind filter & insert regular filter. 
  • Brew and discard a single espresso to re-season machine. Procedure to clean filters and group handles: 
  • Soak group handles and filters in 500ml of hot water with 2 scoops of Espresso Clean® for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in running hot water.
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