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The "Bong" Isolator and water-heated grouphead mod for La Pavoni is created for for all generations of La Pavoni manual lever machines that have a bolted-on group head.
Solves the old age problem of overheating on La Pavoni levers by isolating the group head from the boiler.

The kit contains the isolator, two stainless steel bolts, two stainless steel washers and two black rubber gaskets.

One O-ring goes on the front of the isolator and one on the back.

Each stainless steel washer stand between the bolt head and the GH round holes.

Bong Isolator and water-heated grouphead mod for La Pavoni .CNC machinedfrom high heat and shock resistant Polymer.

The product is created by “La Pavoni Re-Envisioned” Team :
Bong Juachon – Concept idea and design;
John Michael Hauck – CAD designer;
Bruce Colglazier Pappas – The “Third eye”;
Tudor P. – manufacturing and sales.

What is the Isolator exactly?

1. Converts Gen 2 GH’s from steam heated to water heated;
2. Manages and cools down the group head and so, the water temperature inside the GH.
3. Replaces any other water heated GH mod or any GH cooling accessories with success;
4. Reuses the old water pipe, having the same thread inside;
5. Uses a high temperature special polymer.
6. It replaces the silicone boiler / GH isolator already on the market;
7. The isolator is compatible and adapts easily on all Gen 2, Gen 3 or even Gen 4 machines. (Pre – OLD GEN / Post mill – NEW GEN, including Stradivari).

Some advantages during use are:
1. First accessory that makes multiple shots REAL on La Pavoni’s (eliminates waiting time for cooling);
2. NO more water baths, wet cloth or PF ice baths for cooling purposes;
3. Easy DIY installation process;
4. No maintenance required;
5. No big aesthetic change on this piece of art called La Pavoni.
6. Material: TEFLON (food safe).

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