La Pavoni Custom Made Brass Sleeve Jacket

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the La Pavoni Custom Made Brass Sleeve Jacket is specially created for the NEW GEN / Post Mill / Big GH La Pavoni EP / Pro coffee machines.

It replaces the old and problematic plastic sleeve'

"Coffee Sensor" has the Motto “no more plastic inside La Pavoni”. That is why they have  created this sleeve as well as  the metallic boiler water pipe connector.

The La Pavoni Custom Made Brass Sleeve Jacket does not solve the overheating problem that can occure inside the Post Millenium coffee machines, but rather offers a much better temp surfing and recovery time.

The water flows and gets inside the coffee puck with the help of our single hole system. The sleeve is drilled once, not two or three times like other manufacturers versions. The alignment of this hole and the water flow is specifaclly designed to help the water travel more than usual, to the opposite side of entrance, helping the water cool down a little bit and stabilize the temperature.

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