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Motta Milk Jug

Motta Milk Jug
The Motta Europa milk jug is widely recognised as "the milk jug". Manufactured in Italy for over 50 years. Motta are the serious baristas jug of choice
These Italian made, milk jugs are widely heralded as “the” milk jug. Manufactured by Motta Europa for over 50 years, no detail has been overlooked. It’s heavyweight, made of 18/10 stainless steel so it absorbs and distributes the heat from the foamed milk. This allows the barista that extra time to develop the microfoam to a perfect consistency while creating latte art with milk that stays warm. The design of the jug itself is well-thought out: the wide bell at the bottom to enable proper milk circulation, a quintessential spout for latte art and a teflon coating to make cleaning quick and easy. All Motta jugs have a batch number laser-etched on them.
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