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Niche Zero

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Niche Zero

The Niche Zero is no longer imported into Australia by the previous importer.

We recomend the H1 Grinder as more then capable replacement with near zero retention, belt drive, digital grind adjustment and group handle hands free holder

The Niche Zero incorporates an innovative approach to design allowing you to have complete control over consistency and quality of a full range of grind settings without waste..

The Niche incorporates a straight through grind path: Your weighed coffee beans are ground into the Niche dosing cup with no loss of coffee weight. This means no more build-up of stale and rancid coffee allowing you to enjoy the true flavour of your coffee beans..

The Niche Zero is exceptionally quiet (72db at 1m) and has an extremely small compact footprint for such a powerful grinder.

If you prefer to grind by dose- weighing in and out, this grinder is for you.


  • GRINDER BLADES: 63mm Conical Burrs
  • GRINDER CONTROL:micrometer grinding control without set stop
  • BODY MATERIAL: Casted alluminium , Soild Hardwood Trim
  • Weight : 4.1kgs
  • Dimensions (W x D x H hopper included): 122 mm x 211 mm x 311 mm.
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